Defense and Homeland Security

The strategic partnership between the United States and Israel protects the security interests of both nations.

Cooperation in training as well as research and development have helped both countries keep their soldiers safe, strengthen their militaries and protect their homelands.

For example, Israel’s Emergency Bandage technology is now carried in every U.S. soldier’s first aid kit, helping to save lives on the battlefield. In the realm of homeland security, representatives from the National Guard and FEMA often travel to Israel to participate in Israeli homeland security drills. And U.S.-Israel missile defense cooperation helps keep Americans and Israelis safe.

Talking Points

  1. Close strategic cooperation. 
    With no other country in the region – and few in the entire world – does the United States share the same high level of strategic cooperation as it does with Israel.  

  2. Israel: America's strategic ally.
    Israel’s military strength and central geo-strategic location provide a strong deterrent against Iran and other radical forces opposed to the United States.

  3. Exchanges cement strong relationship. 
    Frequent visits by high-level U.S. officials and security personnel to Israel and vice versa have helped strengthen the bonds between the two nations and advanced joint programs, including missile defense and intelligence sharing.