AIPAC Campus Initiatives

2018 Fall Campus Initiatives

At the 2018 Summer Saban Leadership Seminar, Leadership Development issued the following campus initiatives for the 2018 Fall Semester:

Campus to Congress (C2C)

During the electoral cycle, AIPAC campus activists will work to ensure that pro-Israel congressional candidates receive significant student support in the form of time, talent, and treasure.  By getting involved in congressional races, campus activists will interact with key political figures, build important relationships, and help influence policymakers now and into the future.  As part of C2C, AIPAC-trained campus activists will:

  • Maximize their impact on the election by supporting pro-Israel candidates of their choice by committing to solicit and mobilize a minimum of 500 volunteer hours and raise and deliver $1,000 in a pro-Israel context
  • Broaden the base to include previously uninvolved pro-Israel students in political activity
  • Ensure that congressional candidates understand the key issues—including Israel’s right to defend itself—most important to the pro-Israel community.

Cultivating New Activists

It is imperative to involve more students in the American political process by broadening pro-Israel political participation among potential activists—those whose primary political commitment is the pro-Israel movement. This semester, AIPAC-trained students will expand the base of AIPAC on Campus activists in a meaningful and enduring way by:

  • Developing a strategy for the recruitment and education of first year students who want to get involved with the Cadre, while also engaging politically-minded upperclassmen who have not previously been involved with the movement
  • Hosting political training workshops to educate potential new Cadre members about AIPAC’s approach to pro-Israel political activism, and recruiting the most promising new activists to attend AIPAC training opportunities
  • Inviting students new to AIPAC to participant in the Fall Saban-AIPAC Regional Training Seminars (SabanARTS) and begin to recruit for AIPAC Policy Conference 2019, as well as student leadership retreats
  • Working with AIPAC Field Organizers to develop individualized paths of activism for those who show the most promise and commitment.

Addressing Mounting Threats

AIPAC-trained students are uniquely positioned to engage their peers and provide a steady stream of reliable information to tomorrow’s political leaders.  This semester, AIPAC campus activists will educate the campus on the threats to Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship.  Special attention will be placed on preventing Iran’s regional aggression and pursuit of nuclear weapons capabilities, and the mounting threats from Israel’s northern borders.  The activists will do so by:

  • Building one-on-one relationships with political leaders
  • Briefing key student organizations and constituencies
  • Developing digital campaigns to spread awareness.