AIPAC Campus Initiatives

2017 Fall Campus Initiatives

At the 2017 Summer Saban Leadership Seminar, Leadership Development issued the following campus initiatives for the 2017 Fall Semester:

Building Bipartisanship

Strengthening the U.S.-Israel alliance is AIPAC's core mission and cannot be accomplished without support from both Democrats and Republicans. AIPAC campus activists have always worked to engage members of College Democrats of America and the College Republican National Committee. This semester, redoubling their efforts to forge a bipartisan consensus in support of the U.S.-Israel relationship, AIPAC-trained activists will:

  • Demonstrate the virtue of AIPAC's bipartisan approach to College Democrats (CDs) and College Republicans (CRs) by meeting with the leadership and membership of both organizations on campus
  • Educate CDs and CRs in a bipartisan way through engagement opportunities such as Leadership Dinners
  • Recruit robust delegations of CDs and CRs to attend the 2018 AIPAC Policy Conference, March 4th–6th, as well as other appropriate training opportunities

Cultivating New Activists

It is imperative to involve more students in the American political process by broadening pro-Israel political participation among potential activists—those whose primary political commitment is the pro-Israel movement. This semester, AIPAC-trained students will expand the base of AIPAC on Campus activists in a meaningful and enduring way by:

  • Developing a strategy for the recruitment and education of freshmen who want to get involved with the cadre, while also engaging politically-minded upperclassmen who have not previously been involved with the movement
  • Hosting political training workshops to educate potential new cadre members about AIPAC's approach to pro-Israel political activism, and recruiting the most promising new activists to attend AIPAC training opportunities
  • Working with AIPAC Field Organizers to develop individualized paths of activism for those who show the most promise and commitment

Israel in My State

This semester, students across the AIPAC on Campus movement will demonstrate the ways in which the U.S.-Israel relationship positively and directly affects their communities. Cadres will work to research the ways in which partnership with Israel is mutually beneficial for both Israel and the state in which their campus is located. They will create a living "report" outlining projects and business in their state that are being done in collaboration with Israeli organizations and companies or utilizing Israeli technology. AIPAC-trained activists should:

  • Coordinate with other campuses in their state
  • Utilize this work to educate members of Congress during district office meetings, as well as campus leaders and congressional candidates
  • Develop creative content to engage with members of Congress via social media, utilizing #israelinmystate