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AIPAC offers a variety of resources available to help you and your office keep up-to-date regarding the latest news and analysis of the Middle East and the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Legislative Agenda

The primary goal of AIPAC is to work with Congress to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship. Learn about the key legislation and other initiatives AIPAC is advocating for on Capitol Hill.
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Educational Seminars on the Hill

The American Israel Education Foundation, the charitable foundation affiliated with AIPAC, regularly holds briefings on Capitol Hill for congressional staff. These events offer unique opportunities to hear from leading policy experts on the key issues facing the U.S.-Israel relationship.
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AIPAC Policy Publications

AIPAC's wide range of policy publications offers the latest news, unique insights and concise analysis of the critical issues affecting the U.S.-Israel relationship. These publications include policy memos, the Daily News Digest, Defense Digest and Homeland Security Monitor and AIPAC’s flagship policy journal—Near East Report.

Questions? Ask an Expert

Every day, AIPAC staff analyzes the most recent events in the Middle East and the issues that influence the U.S.-Israel relationship. We are available as a resource to you and your office and can provide a wide variety of information on current and pending legislation, Middle East analysis and issue briefings.
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