AIPAC's Christian Community

AIPAC's Christian leaders and their communities work to strengthen the bonds between America and Israel.

The Christian community plays an increasingly vital role in AIPAC’s work to strengthen ties between the United States and Israel. Religiously-motivated pro-Israel Christians, those whose affinity for Israel reflects their theology and faith, represent a diverse cross-section of American Christianity. Many Christians affiliate with non-denominational churches across the country, from small rural churches to larger “megachurches” with more than 2,000 weekly attendees. Furthermore, polls indicate that support for Israel is highly related to frequency of church attendance.

AIPAC’s Christian Outreach effort seeks to identify pro-Israel Christian leaders in districts with large evangelical populations, encourage their involvement in pro-Israel advocacy among their communities and educate them how to engage their members of Congress most effectively.

Today, numerous Christian activists have developed strong pro-Israel relationships with their members of Congress, primarily in the Southeast, Southwest and Midwest regions. Pastors and other significant community leaders have amplified their voices by inviting elected officials to speak about the U.S.-Israel relationship in church, organizing parlor meetings with members of Congress to lobby them on pro-Israel legislation and participating in AIPAC’s annual Policy Conference. 

"There’s so much desire in the Christian community to take a stand for this relationship between the United States and Israel, but many people don’t know how to do it, and so AIPAC says, 'Okay, we’ll show you how to do it.'…As Christians, we should be Israel’s strongest supporters and friends and we need to translate that into political activism." - Rev. Philip C. Morris, Jr.

"I’m here today to say that we as evangelical Christians in America stand with you and stand for you." - Rev. Dr. Tony Crisp

"As a Pro-Israel Christian woman who is a pastor, I know how important the U.S.- Israel relationship is and I want to educate colleagues, friends and congregants on this issue. AIPAC’s proven record of establishing relationships and educating lawmakers on the issues pertaining to the U.S. and Israel produces positive results that make us safer." - Rev. Becky Keenan

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