The Miami Club

The Miami Club, AIPAC’s Young Leadership Division is the critical training ground for the next generation of pro-Israel advocates. The Miami Club offers professionals in their twenties and thirties the opportunity to connect with their peers, learn how to become an effective citizen activist and ensure that the relationship between the United States and Israel remains strong. 

The Miami Club programming consists of briefings with political analysts, journalists and foreign policy experts, seminars with AIPAC senior staff, private receptions with elected officials and exclusive social and networking events throughout the year. The flagship event for the Miami Club is The Signature Event, which takes place every fall. Through these opportunities, AIPAC young leaders gain the necessary tools to become effective, lifelong pro-Israel activists.

Get Involved

Join the AIPAC Washington Club to help safeguard the security of Israel and enjoy comprehensive programming that turns you into a leader. With an annual minimum gift of $1,800, you will gain access to special events during the annual AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. and enjoy premier status at The Signature Event. You will also have access to members-only e-mails on the most current developments in the Middle East, regular conference calls with AIPAC’s senior leadership, as well as regional programming throughout the year.

Young Leadership Societies

The financial commitment required to become a Club member may be out of reach for young professionals just starting their careers. With this in mind, we have established more accessible financial thresholds as steps towards future Club membership.

The Caucus Society is a bridge for people in their twenties and thirties to grow to the next level of pro-Israel activism. Through a $1,000 annual gift, you will gain admission to exclusive Caucus Society member events throughout the year.

The Miami Society is open to professionals in their twenties who donate $360 annually. Joining over 200 AIPAC Miami Society members, you will be invited to AIPAC and Miami Club events throughout the year.

For more information about getting involved with the Miami Club, please contact AIPAC’s Miami Club Director, Rebecca Wasserstrom at

Become a Pro-Israel Activist

In addition to AIPAC membership, we encourage participation in pro-Israel politics by engaging with members of Congress about the important issues affecting the U.S.-Israel relationship. Since this is often the first time a Miami Club member is exposed to the political process, there is a young leadership network designed for activists just beginning in their political engagement.  The minimum commitment is $500 per year/$1000 per two year election cycle, to support Congressional candidates in a pro-Israel context.

For more information about the Miami Club political effort, please contact AIPAC's Florida Regional Political Director, Evan Philipson at