Become a Political Activist

While building support in Washington is essential, AIPAC is found wherever the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship could be affected. The core of AIPAC's mission is building a base of citizen advocates who team with our expert staff to educate America's elected officials, policy makers and opinion leaders.

But many people don't know where to begin or how they can have an impact. That's why AIPAC professionals offer members opportunities to increase their political knowledge and skills, allowing them to build effective relationships with members of Congress.

Through various educational initiatives, AIPAC members can learn how to be more effective advocates on behalf of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.

Building Relationships

AIPAC members are encouraged to become active in the campaigns of their choice so they can help candidates understand the importance of Israel to American interests abroad and the growing challenges facing Israel.

AIPAC also helps its membership stay in touch with their elected officials, offering up-to-date and reliable information to share with congressional leaders and their staffs and opportunities to lobby their members face-to-face.

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