New Initiatives

Where will the next big policy idea originate? Your gift to the New Initiatives Funds helps ensure the cutting edge research and analysis that inspires congressional legislation. Through your commitment, AIPAC will have the resources to turn passion into meaningful action.


What the Funds Provide

Your funding of critical research and information is the first step toward working to ensure change that keeps America and Israel safe and strong. The New Initiative Funds help sponsor:

  • New Initiatives
    Long before a bill becomes law, it was someone's idea that was inspired by information.  Your gift can provide the funds to allow AIPAC professionals, experts in their fields, to conduct the in-depth research AIPAC has become known and respected for.

    With your support, AIPAC's trusted team of seasoned analysts can continue to provide Washington's policy makers with credible information to strengthen the U.S.-Israel bond.
  • Congressional Briefings 
    Congressional staff members are expected to be experts on a vast array of issues, from domestic policies to foreign affairs. AIPAC understands the challenge this poses to House and Senate members.

    That is why AIPAC's affiliated charitable organization sponsors seminars on Capitol Hill, designed to inform congressional aides about the latest developments in the Middle East and offer them the historical context of events.

    These teaching opportunities feature Middle East scholars and bring together both Democrats and Republicans in what is often a "standing-room-only" event for information they can't get anywhere else.
  • Educational Materials
    Congressional staff help shape the voting decisions of their senators or representatives every single day. AIPAC works diligently to make sure Capitol Hill staff have the necessary Israel-related videos, maps, brochures and web-related resource materials to bolster their understanding of numerous issues.