New Generation Funds

Today's high school and college students will be tomorrow's legislators and leaders. AIPAC believes it is critical to educate and energize students by introducing them to pro-Israel politics. By empowering the next generation of advocates, we guarantee the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Speakers at Policy Conference

What the Funds Provide

The New Generation Funds offer an exciting and creative way to inspire and educate an entire generation of pro-Israel advocates by supporting educational opportunities for our most valuable resource-our children. The New Generation Funds help sponsor:

  • Internships
    AIPAC college interns have the chance to work in the Washington, D.C. office or one of AIPAC's regional offices around the country, learning first-hand how to be an effective pro-Israel advocate, a polished professional and a citizen activist when they return to campus.
  • Conference Scholarships
    The most qualified students can't always afford to attend the programs they would benefit from most. AIPAC conference scholarships offer these deserving students the chance to attend what have been called the best educational opportunities available to pro-Israel students.
  • Student Speaker's Bureau
    AIPAC campus activists have the opportunity to participate in four days of intensive public speaking training in the nation's capital. The most talented students then are invited to travel to AIPAC gatherings around the country to tell their story and explain the importance of pro-Israel activism.
  • Student Trips to Israel
    Nothing replaces experiencing Israel firsthand, especially when you are young. AIPAC offers both Jewish and non-Jewish student leaders the chance to travel to Israel as part of its unique educational tours. These trips help ensure that future leaders feel a connection to Israel and have the information and understanding they will need to ensure a strong U.S.-Israel relationship today and long into the future.