Lobbying Funds

When you make a legacy gift directly to AIPAC, you are ensuring that America's pro-Israel lobby will always have the funds to ensure American support for Israel.


What the Funds Provide

These funds allow AIPAC to be involved in more than 100 legislative initiatives each year aimed at providing Israel with financial, diplomatic and military support critical to its security.

The Lobbying Funds help sponsor:

  • Policy Briefings
    With your help, AIPAC educates candidates for federal office, members of Congress, White House, Pentagon and State Department officials and other policymakers whose decisions could affect America's policies in the Middle East and Israel.
  • Publication of Political and Lobbying Materials
    From briefing books to website information, from informative videos to Capitol Hill memos, AIPAC has long been known for providing reliable information to Washington, D.C.'s most important leaders.
  • Political Education Program
    Your gift to the Lobbying Funds can help sponsor critical advocacy training for pro-Israel activists and meetings with members of Congress and their staffs.
  • Political Leadership Network
    Congress changes constantly. Now you can help ensure that every new member of Congress has a connection to the pro-Israel community by providing the needed resources to ensure AIPAC members have the skills to build meaningful relationships with our country's leaders.

Gifts to the Lobbying Funds are made directly to AIPAC and are not tax-deductible.