Israel Seminar Funds

The best way for today's and tomorrow's leaders to understand Israel is to have the opportunity to experience Israel firsthand. Israel missions give American decision makers the insight and information they need to effectively sustain the U.S.-Israel relationship for generations to come.
Seminar in Israel

What the Funds Provide

Your gift to the Israel Seminar Funds enable current and future opinion leaders to participate in educational trips to Israel designed specifically for their area of interest, profession or expertise.

The Israel Seminar Funds help sponsor:

  • Member of Congress Trips
    Half of Congress has changed in the last decade, and the trend continues as veteran members retire in larger numbers. Candidates and new members of Congress come from a variety of backgrounds-teachers, doctors, entrepreneurs, even reality television personalities. Few have had the chance to visit Israel and understand first-hand the challenges facing the Jewish state.

    Your support of the Israel Seminar Funds allows our country's leaders to tour key strategic sites and to meet with political, military and diplomatic leaders for insight into the most vexing challenges facing the country.  Members often tell us that visiting Israel was the single best educational experience they have had.
  • Congressional Staff Trips
    Members of Congress rely heavily on a relatively small number of key staff people when it comes to foreign policy and Israel-related issues.

    Your support of the Israel Seminar Funds can ensure that these key staff members get the best possible educational experience to enhance their knowledge and understanding of issues critical to America's interests abroad.
  • Missions for Political and National Security Leaders
    You can also fund special missions that connect Americans to their Israeli counterparts in the fields of politics, homeland security, law enforcement and emergency response. Other missions connect policymakers and opinion shapers with Israeli political leaders, military personnel or social commentators.