Israel Funds

Nations need to understand each other-just like people. That's why AIPAC's Jerusalem office works to ensure that American and Israeli policymakers have the information and insight they need to strive toward clear communication.
Netanyahu and Obama

What the Funds Provide

By supporting the Israel Funds, you are funding the very core of the work that brings two nations together in common purpose. You are providing the resources for American and Israeli opinion leaders to share ideas, information and inspiration. The Israel Funds help sponsor:

  • Building the Friendship 
    The funds gives Israel experts and Washington, D.C. veterans working in AIPAC's Jerusalem office the chance to meet regularly with key Israeli officials to better understand the factors that are shaping policy decisions.

    Seasoned professionals in Israel also help Israeli policy makers understand how Congress works and offer feedback about how the American media and public may respond to events or decisions by the Israeli government. This communication is key to maintaining a strong U.S.-Israel alliance.
  • In-Depth Information 
    AIPAC's experts in Jerusalem provide the organization's professional staff and membership with helpful background information and up-to-the-minute analysis of events, allowing AIPAC's citizen lobbyists to have the best information to share with their members of Congress.
  • Informative Itineraries 
    The Jerusalem staff is responsible for building and coordinating specialized itineraries for a wide range of Israel trips for political and policy leaders from a variety of backgrounds.

    Your support of the funds helps ensure that these trips feature prominent experts on every topic from Israel's hi-tech boom to security threats facing the northern command.

Through your generosity, we can ensure that American decision makers experience Israel in the most personal and compelling way possible.