Empowerment Funds

Jewish constituents comprise less than 1.5 percent of the population in 80 percent of America's congressional districts. That's why AIPAC works to involve Americans across the country — Christians, African Americans, Hispanics — in advocating for a strong U.S.-Israel friendship.

Activists on the Hill

What the Funds Provide

Whatever your politics or religious beliefs, we know that each person's attachment to Israel is deeply personal, reflecting American values of democracy and freedom. The Empowerment Funds give Americans from a variety of backgrounds and religions the chance to enhance their connection to Israel through advocacy and pro-Israel political activity.

The funds also allow AIPAC to delve deeper within the Jewish community by giving congregational rabbis and synagogue leaders materials and programs to support and increase their pro-Israel political involvement.

The Empowerment Funds help sponsor:

  • Education and Outreach
    The funds promote pro-Israel events around the nation by providing the resources needed to bring top-name speakers to a variety of communities. AIPAC staff also provide top-quality briefings and training to teach citizens how to participate effectively in the political process.
  • Scholarships to AIPAC's Annual Policy Conference 
    The funds support scholarships for citizen activists from key congressional districts and smaller towns to take part in AIPAC's Policy Conference and important national gatherings so they can hear from Washington insiders and congressional leaders from across the country.
  • Customized Israel Trips 
    The world is the best teacher. With your support, the Empowerment Funds can ensure that key political leaders within the Christian, African American or Hispanic communities see Israel for themselves during study opportunities in Israel. Then, they can travel throughout the United States sharing their knowledge with others.
  • Resource Materials
    Your generosity will allow members of synagogues and churches to have the information and analysis they need to understand complex issues, to educate their community and to help them understand the need to become involved in pro-Israel political advocacy.