Diplomacy Funds

Today's junior State Department staff person could be tomorrow's top diplomat. The Diplomacy Funds offer resources to ensure that AIPAC professionals are attending important seminars and discussions to meet the individuals shaping policy as well as up and coming foreign affairs experts.

Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu

What the Funds Provide

Your support of the Diplomacy Funds ensures AIPAC professionals and thus AIPAC members have access to the best information from those closest to the issues affecting America and Israel's futures. The Diplomacy Funds help sponsor:

  • Seminars
    Policies develop through a series of conversations and exchanges. With your help, we can ensure that AIPAC professionals attend a variety of conferences and Washington think tank symposia which play a role in shaping American foreign policy.

    These opportunities not only ensure that AIPAC is getting the most up-to-date thinking from today's decision makers, it also affords AIPAC's experts the chance to get to know those who will be making policy in the years to come. Information and relationships--your gift to the Diplomacy Funds ensures AIPAC has the best of both.
  • Educational Materials
    Congressional staff and D.C. decision makers look to AIPAC for reliable, up-to-date information and analysis. Your support assures those materials continue to be produced and published and that AIPAC has the capacity to take advantage of new modes of communication to get our message to the people who matter most.
  • Research and Information 
    You can support the research which inspires congressional legislation and American law. Each day, AIPAC professionals cull through hundreds of periodicals and journals and regularly reach out to pre-eminent thinkers and congressional leaders to help develop the core concepts that become the foundation for America's policies toward Israel.

    Timely, accurate information and forward thinking analysis--your support ensures our work continues long into the future.
  • Fellowships
    Your support of the Diplomacy Funds could support fellowships for graduate students or young professionals to work with AIPAC's top foreign policy staff to enhance their skills and knowledge to form lasting relationships with the pro-Israel community.