Communication Funds

Few factors affect how people view American foreign policy and Israel more than the media. Your gift to the Communication Funds will help ensure that the news reflects a true picture of events that take place today-and tomorrow.


What the Funds Provide

The Communication Funds underwrite specialized educational materials and programs to help journalists learn more about the history of the region and the issues shaping the Middle East today.

The Communication Funds help sponsor:

  • Educational Israel Missions
    Journalists often come to their jobs without a solid understanding of the complex history that has shaped Israel and the Middle East. Some have had numerous opportunities to travel and others have never been out of the United States.

    Our trips to Israel offer premier educational opportunities to emerging media stars, who one day will be writing columns and blogs, managing the foreign desk or editing copy that shapes opinion about Israel and its alliance with the United States.
  • Seasoned Press Liaisons
    AIPAC staff in Washington and Jerusalem serve as critical resources to journalists--from helping them wade through confusing or contradictory stories, to offering them historical perspective and introducing them to valuable sources for insight and information.
  • State of the Art Materials
    Contributors to the fund help provide videos, maps, brochures and a variety of interactive materials produced for the internet that help journalists and other policy shapers receive needed context and important understanding of the issues affecting current events.