Your Gift at Work

Once you've decided to make a charitable legacy gift to The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign, you have a choice to make: Do you want to target your gift to a particular area of AIPAC's critical work or do you want to give the future leadership of AIPAC the discretion to use the gift wherever it is needed most?

Members in IsraelCharitable legacy gifts of at least $100,000 can be designated to secure the work of a variety of funds, providing the resources for educational conferences and Israel trips, as well as programs for special constituencies such as members of the media, students, rabbis and congressional staff.

Each fund inspires, informs and enables influential Americans to see firsthand why Israel is so valued as a democratic, strategic partner.

  • Communication Funds


    The Communication Funds underwrite specialized educational materials and programs to help journalists learn more about the history of the region and the issues shaping the Middle East today.

  • Diplomacy Funds

    Hillary Clinton with Benjamin Netanyahu

    Your support of the Diplomacy Funds ensures AIPAC professionals and thus AIPAC members have access to the best information from those closest to the issues affecting America and Israel's futures.

  • Empowerment Funds

    Activists on the Hill

    Whatever your politics or religious beliefs, we know that each person's attachment to Israel is deeply personal, reflecting American values of democracy and freedom. The Empowerment Funds give Americans from a variety of backgrounds and religions the chance to enhance their connection to Israel through advocacy and pro-Israel political activity.

  • Israel Funds

    Netanyahu and Obama

    By supporting the Israel Funds, you are funding the very core of the work that brings two nations together in common purpose. You are providing the resources for American and Israeli opinion leaders to share ideas, information and inspiration.

  • Israel Seminar Funds

    Seminar in Israel

    Your gift to the Israel Seminar Funds enable current and future opinion leaders to participate in educational trips to Israel designed specifically for their area of interest, profession or expertise.

  • New Generation Funds

    Conference speakers

    The New Generation Funds offer an exciting and creative way to inspire and educate an entire generation of pro-Israel advocates by supporting educational opportunities for our most valuable resource-our children.

  • New Initiative Funds


    Your funding of critical research and information is the first step toward working to ensure change that keeps America and Israel safe and strong.

  • Lobbying Funds


    These funds allow AIPAC to be involved in more than 100 legislative initiatives each year aimed at providing Israel with financial, diplomatic and military support critical to its security.

  • Unrestricted Funds

    AIPAC Speaker

    With your unrestricted gift to either AIPAC or its affiliated charitable organization, you will ensure that America's pro-Israel lobby can be wherever Israel's interests are at stake-forever.

If your gift is being made non-charitably, directly to AIPAC, contact AIPAC Endowment Professional Melissa S. Katz, Esq.

The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign is a planned giving and endowment initiative of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC-Tax ID: 53-0217164) and its affiliated charitable organization, the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF- Tax ID 52-1623781).