Real Estate

Real Estate

Contributing part or whole ownership in a property to The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign can accomplish many financial goals while allowing you to make a lasting impact on our work for generations to come.

How to Make Your Gift of Real Estate

A real estate gift is a wonderful way to ensure AIPAC's work for generations.

Each property is unique. As long as your property's corporate structure allows you to gift the property to a charitable entity, we can explore next steps with you and discuss your individual situation. Together we will want to look at many factors, such as the nature of income being generated by the property, outstanding debt and depreciation factors.

We have experts to guide you along the way to ensure your financial and legacy objectives are met.

To explore a particular real estate gift, please contact AIPAC Endowment Professional Melissa Katz.

Benefits of a Gift of Real Estate

There are many benefits that may be available to you by making a gift with real estate and you can accomplish multiple objectives simultaneously.

  • You can pass highly appreciating assets onto the next generation at a reduced gift and estate tax rate by creating a Charitable Lead Trust.
  • You can receive an income tax charitable deduction equal to the appraised fair market value of the gift during your lifetime.
  • You can avoid paying capital gains tax on the donated interest upon sale of the property.
  • You can eliminate the need to decide who in the family would receive the property.
  • You can relieve your heirs of the management and disposal responsibilities related to the property.
  • You can remove a large taxable asset from your estate.
  • The real estate may be placed into a trust, sold and then provide you with a lifetime stream of income

Learn more about a gift of Real Estate – download the PDF.