Personal Property

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Whether it is a piece of art, jewelry or a collection you've spent a lifetime acquiring, you can translate your passion for the possessions you care about into a powerful gift that lives on for generations when you donate your personal property to The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign.

How to Make Your Gift of Personal Property

Personal property is not only valuable to you, but can be significant in ensuring AIPAC's work in the future.

To find out if your personal property would be suitable for a legacy gift, contact AIPAC Endowment Professional Melissa Katz.

You can either transfer the property during your lifetime or gift the property in your will to AIPAC or AIPAC's affiliated charitable organization. The net proceeds of your property will establish your endowment gift and be prudently invested as part of our endowment funds.

Benefits of A Gift of Personal Property

There are many benefits of giving personal property. If you direct your gift to AIPAC's affiliated charitable organization, a tax deduction may be available to you or your estate.

  • Many of us have collections of value we enjoy during our lifetime. But what happens with these kinds of assets after we are gone?
  • Our children and grandchildren don't always share our taste or interests. If our heirs decide to sell these items, they would likely find that the collections have appreciated significantly over time, making the items taxable at a higher rate.
  • Donating your personal property can simplify your estate administration while making a significant contribution toward AIPAC's work or its affiliated charitable organization for years to come.

Learn more about how to make a gift of personal property – download the PDF.