Recognizing You

AIPAC Partners for Tomorrow are honored each year during AIPAC's Annual Policy Conference and recognized in the award-winning publication, Commitment Matters.

In addition, your name will be included on the prestigious honor wall seen by all those who attend AIPAC's Policy Conference in our nation's capital. Partners also receive a gold AIPAC Partners for Tomorrow pin, a symbol of your commitment to the U.S.-Israel relationship. You are also recognized on all listings of club-level donors in AIPAC's invitations to local and national events.

Benefits of Being a Partner

AIPAC Partners for Tomorrow are recognized for their commitment in a number of ways.

Each AIPAC Partner for Tomorrow knows that he or she is helping invest in the ongoing strength of the U.S.-Israel relationship by ensuring that AIPAC's work can continue long into the future.

AIPAC Partners leave a legacy that illustrates to their heirs and future generations what was important to them during their lifetime.

Partners at a commitment level of $100,000 and above

  • Have the option to establish a named endowment fund.
  • Share your personal motivation for making your legacy Israel's future in your own words in our annual publication, Commitment Matters.
  • Be included in the prestigious Partners for Tomorrow Honor Wall at Policy Conference and Summit.
  • Receive a beautiful keepsake with your personal story ensconced in Jerusalem stone.

Partners at a commitment level of $1 Million and above

Receive all the benefits of $100,000 donors, as well as:

  • Be highlighted in a two-page photographic testimonial in Commitment Matters.
  • Share your personal story and photograph on banners prominently displayed during AIPAC national and local events.

Partners at a commitment level of $2 Million and above

Receive all the benefits of $1 Million donors, as well as:

  • Receive a stunning desktop reminder of your timeless commitment and our ongoing appreciation.
  • Permanent recognition in AIPAC's headquarters in Washington, D.C.

View our donor-recognition publication, Commitment Matters.