Kenen Society

“On my 80th birthday in 1985, Teddy Kollek, the Mayor of Jerusalem, and one of my life-long friends, had sent me a message: ‘May you live until you are 120.’ To which I cabled back: ‘How dare you cut me off so soon.’ I will stand with you in defense of Jerusalem until eternity.”

- I.L. Kenen, z”l, AIPAC Founder

The Kenen Society honors donors who have been members of AIPAC for 25 years or more. Decades worth of work on behalf of a strong U.S.-Israel friendship were made possible by such steadfast support of AIPAC.

The Kenen Society is named for I.L. Kenen, z”l, patriarch of the pro-Israel community and principle founder of AIPAC. Si Kenen was a veteran journalist who became a passionate leader in the movement to restore and preserve the ancient homeland of the Jewish people.  His work took him from the United Nations to Capital Hill where he founded AIPAC and lived to see the organization grow and flourish.  Israeli statesman Abba Eban, z”l called Si Kenen one of the architects of the U.S.-Israel alliance.

Jean and Bryan Myers

Have you been an AIPAC member for 25 years or more? Notify us so we can honor your steadfast commitment to AIPAC’s work. As a member of the Kenen Society, you will receive a beautiful pin resembling an Israeli coin – a constant reminder of your steadfast devotion to AIPAC’s mission over the years and our way of saying “thank you” for your valuable support today and always.

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As an AIPAC Kenen Society member, you have demonstrated an enduring commitment to AIPAC. Learn more about The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign and how you can transform your lifetime of conviction into a legacy that will secure AIPAC’s vital work for future generations.