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As an estate planning professional advisor, you play a valuable role in translating your clients’ passions into their future commitments. We at AIPAC wish to acknowledge your pivotal professional role and to ensure you are familiar with current issues underlying the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship.

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We hope this page provides helpful, useful information to assist you and your clients about how they can make their legacy Israel’s future through planned giving to The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign. Ensuring the strongest possible future for the state of Israel requires vigilance and unified support - we look forward to realizing this goal with you.

We hope this page serves as a starting point with your relationship with us. Contact Melissa S. Katz, Esq., Endowment Professional at 917-210-6320 or, to discuss your specific client situations and detailed questions you might have.

Helpful Information:

What is the difference between AIPAC and the American Israel Education Foundation?

In the half-century since its founding, AIPAC has worked to guarantee that Israel will be supported by the United States. AIPAC is a registered lobby and a 501(c)(4) organization. The American Israel Education Foundation (“AIEF”), the charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC, works in partnership with all of AIPAC’s initiatives that can legally be supported with charitable dollars. This allows AIPAC to focus its fundraising dollars directly on its legislative agenda, molding solid, pro-Israel political support among lawmakers, policymakers, and the public at large. 

Can my client send a charitable donation to the American Israel Education Foundation during their lifetime?

In order to maintain AIPAC’s financial stability, the American Israel Education Foundation focuses on ensuring AIPAC’s future and does not independently solicit individuals or accept donations for annual contributions.

What are AIPAC’s and AIEF’s Tax ID Numbers?

AIPAC Tax ID # 53-0217164

AIEF Tax ID #52-1623781

251 H Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

Can my client name their legacy gift in honor or memory of someone?

Named endowments are available starting at $100,000.

How does AIPAC recognize its legacy donors while they are alive? How does this differ from other organizations?

We're often asked about the recognition program of The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign as it has many elements, which both recognize the commitment or our donors – and most importantly – inspire others to join our movement. As a helpful tool for you, we are including our new one-page flyer outlining all the different recognition elements your clients could receive as they become AIPAC Partners for Tomorrow.

Partners for Tomorrow are often leaders in their community, striving every day to ensure the safety and security of Israel because they feel it in their hearts and understand its significance in their minds. Our public recognition of these leaders highlights their inspiring stories of commitment and shows their community and loved ones what is most important to them, now and forever.

Please click here for a brief outline of how AIPAC Partners for Tomorrow can be recognized if they so choose. We hope as you come across clients interested in AIPAC and the future of the Jewish state and the Jewish people you will share this document with them.

Additional Information for Professional Advisors:

There are multiple ways to become involved as an AIPAC Professional Advisor. Contact Melissa S. Katz, Esq. to receive any of the following:

  • Our “Interests & Dividends” communication for Professional Advisors.  “Interests & Dividends” speaks to relevant issues within the planned giving professional arena as a resource in your work with clients. We invite your ideas for articles or features that would be of "interest" to this group.
  • An invitation to an exclusive gathering every year at AIPAC’s Policy Conference. Each event covers a different Professional Advisor-related topic of interest.
  • Inclusion on our list of local professional advisors. We will send you all Professional Advisor-related communications.

If you are a Professional Advisor and have any questions related to AIPAC’s legacy program, please contact Melissa S. Katz, Esq., Endowment Professional at 917-210-6320 or