Giving Appreciated Securities

In order to provide you with as much flexibility as possible, we offer the ability to pay your pledge or make a donation with appreciated securities and receive potential tax benefits by doing so.

If you have securities that have appreciated, you may gain tax savings from giving those securities when compared to giving an equivalent amount of cash. A gift of stock lets you bypass the capital gains tax that could be due if you sold the asset.

How do I give a gift of stock?

Step 1: You must initiate the transfer of securities with your broker. Download AIPAC’s stock transfer form which includes transfer instructions. Please provide the information on this form to your broker directly.

Step 2: Please have your broker notify AIPAC and Goldman Sachs team with the following information contained on the form or in an email:

• Your name

• Name of stock

• Number of shares

If you have any questions about the process of transferring appreciated securities, please email or call 202-639-5256.

Please note: Until we are notified by you or your broker that you have used stock to pay your pledge, AIPAC will be unable to appropriately credit your membership account.

Important Notes:

As soon as the stock is received into AIPAC's account, the securities will be sold. The process from the time you speak with your broker until the stock is disposed of may take several days. Please note that the value of the stock when it is sold can fluctuate and your account will be credited the appropriate sale price less transaction fees. A thank you letter will be mailed to you indicating the net proceeds amount applied toward your AIPAC gift.

Information contained on this form is not intended to represent legal or tax advice or to substitute for such advice. Individuals are urged to consult their advisors on all legal and tax matters.

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