Military Partnership

From phone calls between senior defense officials at the Pentagon and their counterparts in Tel Aviv, the development of new technology to bolster both militaries or joint training exercises between troops from both countries – not a day goes by without critical American-Israeli military engagement.

  • Joint Military Exercises

    From the highest levels of the military to the youngest soldiers, the American and Israeli militaries routinely train together to make each nation stronger.

  • Protecting Our Troops

    Every day, Israeli military innovations are helping to save the lives of American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Because the United States has a deep strategic relationship with Israel, the U.S. military is able to learn from the Israel Defense Forces’ vast combat experience.

  • Missile Defense

    The close partnership between the United States and Israel has yielded leading military technologies such as the Arrow anti-ballistic missile defense system that is currently deployed in Israel.

  • Strategic Planning

    U.S. military leaders often seek the counsel of their Israeli peers. From high-level meetings in Washington and Jerusalem to indepth intelligence sharing, the two militaries work together to counter current and emerging threats to both nations.