Homeland Security Monitor

Monthly compilation of articles, designed for the policy-making audience, focused on U.S.-Israel homeland security and defense cooperation.

  • Homeland Security Monitor

    Homeland Security Monitor - March 2011

    March 31, 2011

    1. Israel-Jordan Disaster Preparedness Exercise Sets Global Example

    2. LAPD Bomb Unit Members to Learn New Methods from Israelis

    3. American Exercise Regimen Used by Israeli Police and Firefighters

    4. Texas Airport to Broaden Use of Israeli Security Equipment

    5. Israel's Briefcam Streamlines Video Camera Security Systems

  • Homeland Security Monitor

    Homeland Security Monitor - February 2011

    February 28, 2011

    1. U.S., Israel Participate in International Biosecurity Project

    2. Israeli Company Develops New Bomb Detection Method

    3. Israel's Police Put to the Test in Country-Wide Exercise

    4. Israeli Company Creates System to Track Data and Avoid Leaks

    5. A Look at the Israeli Bandage that May Have Saved Rep. Gabriel Giffords' Life

  • Homeland Security Monitor

    Homeland Security Monitor - January 2011

    January 31, 2011

    1. Israeli Bandage Used in Tucson Shooting by First Responders

    2. Hunter UAV Reaches 100,000 Flight Hours

    3. New Israeli Military Technology Speeds Up Warfare

    4. $486 Million Million Contract for LITENING Targeting Pods

    5. U.S. Submarine Makes Port Call in Haifa

  • Homeland Security Monitor

    Homeland Security Monitor - November 2010

    November 30, 2010

    1. Israel's Homeland Security Conference Discusses Combating Terror

    2. In Israel, Memphis Police Director Addresses Security Initiative

    3. Israeli Substitute Firefighters Receive Guidance in Texas

    4. Emergency Preparedness Training Exercise Conducted in Israel

    5. Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport Provides Security Example

  • Homeland Security Monitor

    Homeland Security Monitor - October 2010

    October 29, 2010

    1. U.S. Police Officers Discuss Counterterrorism with Israeli Police

    2. U.S., Israel Combat Illegal Medication

    3. Israeli, U.S. Swat Teams Take Top Spots in Training Competition

    4. Israel Builds New Hospital with Emergency Preparedness in Mind

    5. Israel Launches Nation-Wide Emergency Awareness Campaign

  • Homeland Security Monitor

    Homeland Security Monitor - September 2010

    September 29, 2010

    1. National Guard Works with Israel's Home Front Command

    2. American-Israeli Helped Crack Illicit Fund Transferring to Iran

    3. Israeli Provides Emergency Response Training Globally

    4. Leading Israeli Doctor Confers with Massachusetts Hospital

    5. Waterfall Security Solutions Completes Cyber Security Review

  • Homeland Security Monitor

    Homeland Security Monitor - July 2010

    July 28, 2010

    1. Israeli Company Keeps Underwater Installations Secure

    2. U.S., Israel Cooperate in Global Efforts to Curb Cyber-Warfare

    3. Israeli Professor Makes Strides in Data Security

    4. Israeli Cyber Security Company Launches Offices in U.S.

    5. Hebrew University Professor Remains Innovative in Surveillance Field

  • Homeland Security Monitor

    Homeland Security Monitor - June 2010

    June 30, 2010

    1. Israeli Bio-Attack Exercise Serves as Preparedness Model

    2. U.S. Officials View Israeli Preparedness Drill

    3. Company Showcase's Israeli Airport Security Expertise

    4. 10 Best Israeli Surveillance Technologies

    5. Israeli Company Enhances Information Security