U.S.-Israel Relationship

The United States and Israel share the same values and a common commitment to democracy and freedom. Close strategic, economic, political and diplomatic ties between the United States and Israel further U.S. interests, promote regional peace and enhance the security of both nations.

Talking Points

  1. Commitment to Democracy
    The U.S.-Israel relationship is a deep and natural alliance between two democracies that share a commitment to the rule of law, freedom of religion and speech and human rights.

  2. Strategic Allies
    Long-standing U.S.-Israel strategic cooperation allows the two allies to face common threats, including terrorism and weapons proliferation. Israeli innovation in the defense and homeland security areas has helped protect American soldiers abroad and civilians at home.

  3. Economic Partnership
    Joint U.S.-Israel research and trade has helped strengthen the economies of both nations. Joint research programs and a Free Trade Agreement – the first between the United States and any country – have spurred collaboration, innovation and commerce between the allies.