The U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas was founded in the late 1980s with the self-proclaimed goal of the destruction of Israel. During the two decades, Hamas, which now controls Gaza, has killed hundreds of Israelis and Americans in suicide bombings and rocket attacks aimed at civilians.

Talking Points

  1. Hamas' charter calls for Israel's destruction.
    Hamas rejects Israel’s right to exist and actively seeks its destruction. As its 1988 charter establishes, Hamas believes the complete annihilation of Israel can be the only resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

  2. Hamas has more than 10,000 rockets in its arsenal.
    Since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Hamas and other terrorist groups have fired nearly 7,000 rockets into Israel. Hamas continues to smuggle sophisticated Iranian weapons and rockets into Gaza in tunnels beneath the Gaza-Egypt border.

  3. Hamas is importing advanced weapons through the Sinai.
    Hamas has been able to import advanced anti-tank and anti-aircraft rockets through the Sinai Peninsula. This advanced weaponry bolsters the military capability of the terrorist group to strike Israeli communities.