AIPAC closely monitors a broad range of issues that affect the U.S.-Israel relationship. Over the past 50 years, AIPAC has built a reputation for providing reliable, credible and timely research and information for decision makers in Washington and across the country. Browse below to learn more about the key issues and AIPAC analysis.

Top Issues

  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


    In September 2015, Congress opposed the profoundly flawed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, by bipartisan majorities in both houses, because the nuclear deal with Iran fails to close every pathway to an Iranian nuclear weapon. Nonetheless, the nuclear deal with Iran will be implemented and the United States must now maintain constant vigilance to ensure Iranian compliance, and be ready to move quickly against any violations of the deal.

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  • Hamas fighter


    Hamas is an Iranian-backed terrorist organization that seized control of the Gaza Strip in 2006. The group has launched thousands of rockets at Israeli cities and civilians.

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  • Hezbollah rally


    Hezbollah is a terrorist group that is responsible for killing more Americans than any other group except al-Qaeda.

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Other Issues