What is AIPAC NGauge?
AIPAC NGauge is a system of connected online communities for pro-Israel campus activists. It is a customized engagement and mobilization platform that allows AIPAC to motivate, evaluate and communicate with student activists far more efficiently.

How do I sign up for NGauge?
To login to AIPAC NGauge, go to and click “Apply.” Once you have provided the required information, an account will be created for you. You will receive an email notifying you that your account has been activated, at which point you can log in and begin earning points.

What are Communities?
“Communities” are a way of organizing student activists so that we can more efficiently communicate with you and you can more easily collaborate with each other. Each student activist automatically belongs to a number of communities based on their school, hometown, state and Congressional district. Other communities are based on one’s previous experiences and organizational affiliations. Every member of AIPAC NGauge also belongs to the National Community, which is a place where AIPAC can communicate with all student activists at once. The National Community will serve as the primary arena for national mobilization when coast-to-coast political activism is needed.

What are GaugePoints and GaugeScores?
Your GaugeScore is an objective metric for your pro-Israel poltical activity on campus and beyond. Each time you complete one of the enumerated pro-Israel activities, you will receive GaugePoints. GaugePoints can only be awarded for activities you complete after your first login to AIPAC NGauge. In other words, GaugePoints cannot be awarded retroactively. The only exceptions to this rule are participation in the following one-time-only leadership training opportunities: Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit, Diamond Summer Internship, Advanced Advocacy Mission to Israel and Milstein Foundation Campus Allies Mission to Israel.

Some GaugePoints are awarded automatically while others will require you to submit a detailed report. For activities that require a report (like running a letter-writing workshop or volunteering for a Congressional campaign of your choice in a pro-Israel context) it may take a few days to receive your GaugePoints as an AIPAC Field Organizer will have to review your report and determine if GaugePoints have been earned. Keep in mind, every GaugePoint you earn improves your chances at being selected for an AIPAC Policy Conference subsidy, a Diamond Summer or Semester Internship, AIPAC’s Advanced Advocacy Mission to Israel…even a future job at AIPAC!

How do I earn GaugePoints?
In order to earn GaugePoints, each student must log in to the website and begin completing actions and tasks. On AIPAC NGauge’s homepage, each user can see a menu of points and easily identify which actions and tasks he or she has already completed. For example, in the below image you can see a sample points menu. This student has earned 2 points for signing up for AIPAC NGauge and uploading her profile picture, thus the action is circled in green. The points appearing in a red emblem are still available for this student to earn, while points encircled in yellow are pending (usually because they require report approval). In order to complete a task, each student should click through his or her communities to see the available actions. As seen in the below image, a list of available actions will appear on the right side of each community page. By clicking “Take Action!” a student will be redirected to a page with a detailed description of the pro-Israel activity and how to complete it. The student will then be asked to provide a detailed report outlining their completion of the task or, in some cases, points will be awarded automatically. Once the student’s field organizer has read the report, he or she will either award the points or, if the report is insufficient, delay awarding the points until all of the requirements for the action have been completed.

What is the Leaderboard?
The Leaderboard is a feature that allows users and AIPAC professionals to easily identify the top performers on AIPAC NGauge. The Leaderboard is designed to rank users by their GaugeScores and compare students in each community. For example, by using the community filters in the Leaderboard, a student can see how he ranks relative to all AIPAC NGauge users in the National Community, but he can also compare his GaugeScore to all users from his college or Congressional District. 

If you have additional questions, please send them to