AIPAC NGauge is a system of connected online communities for pro-Israel campus activists. It is a customized engagement and mobilization platform with analytics, micro-tasking, closed-community crowd sourcing, and gamification components. This platform will allow AIPAC to motivate, activate, track, evaluate, and hand off student activists far more efficiently. And the best part... it’s as fun and easy to use as Facebook!

Once students login to AIPAC NGauge, they will be automatically grouped into a variety of online communities based on their school, congressional district, organizational affinity and AIPAC experience. These community groupings will allow the students to collaborate more easily with one another and will facilitate communication between AIPAC Field Organizers and their respective constituencies. Each member of AIPAC NGauge will belong to a unified National community, which will serve as the platform to disseminate pertinent information as quickly as possible and expedite any necessary national mobilization.

To sign up for AIPAC NGauge go to and click "Register." Once you fill out all of the required information, an account will be created for you and you can start accumulating GaugePoints! 

If you have any questions or comments on AIPAC NGauge, please send an email to

  • AIPAC NGauge FAQ

    Learn more about AIPAC NGauge, how you use it, and how it can broaden the base of pro-Israel political activism on your campus!