AIPAC Campus Initiatives

2015 Summer/Fall Initiatives

The following campus initiatives were launched at AIPAC’s 2015 Summer Saban Leadership Seminar:


Educating the Campus before September

AIPAC-trained students are uniquely positioned to engage their peers and provide a steady stream of reliable information to tomorrow’s political leaders. This semester, AIPAC campus activists will educate the campus on the threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions to American interests and allies. Special attention will be placed on the implications of any diplomatic agreement that fails to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons capability. The activists will do so by:

  • Posting opinion pieces in campus and social media
  • Briefing key student organizations and constituencies
  • Developing campus-specific campaigns to spread awareness about the Iranian threat


Engaging the Grassroots Now

In order to demonstrate broad, grassroots student opposition to an insufficient nuclear agreement with Iran, this semester, AIPAC-trained activists will circulate petitions on line and on campus. By composing a statement that resonates on campus, AIPAC activists will engage fellow students in a meaningful and compelling way. In the process, they will recruit significant numbers of additional advocates to their cause. Once students have signed the petition, it can be published as a full-page advertisement in the campus newspaper, and shared with campus leaders, demonstrating widespread student opposition to any agreement that fails to meet specific, stipulated requirements. These petitions will be sent to local lay leaders and federal elected officials, strengthening ties between Campus, Community, and Congress in standing up to a bad deal.


Mobilizing the Base to Lobby Congress

Pro-Israel students are prepared to demonstrate to American policy makers that preventing Iran from ever acquiring nuclear weapons is a vital national interest. By activating a bipartisan network of articulate student advocates this fall, AIPAC-trained activists will significantly increase their impact on federal legislation.  AIPAC student activists will mobilize the broadest possible community on campus to call their members of Congress. They will also construct and deliver Leadership Statements to Congressional offices, and lobby on Capitol Hill and in district offices. Activists will utilize AIPAC NGauge to maximize, measure and track their personal impact and political influence.