AIPAC Campus Initiatives

2014 Fall Campus Initiatives

The following campus initiatives were launched at AIPAC’s 2014 Summer Saban Leadership Seminar:


Broadening the Base

With Middle East issues garnering such significant attention from the national and international media, AIPAC-trained activists are presented with a unique opportunity to broaden the base of the pro-Israel campus movement. This fall, AIPAC-trained activists will engage new constituencies—including freshmen and Birthright Israel returnees—that can be motivated to deliver tangible assets to the wider pro-Israel political community by galvanizing sympathy, solidarity and support for Israel on and beyond the campus. Here are 72 ideas for action. Activists will also promote AIPAC mobilization opportunities such as Policy Conference 2015 to their parents and previously uninvolved pro-Israel students.


Message Amplification

While AIPAC’s primary focus remains retail engagement, in order to maximize impact and engage as many campus and community influentials as possible, it is imperative that AIPAC-trained activists spread the pro-Israel narrative and validate AIPAC’s virtues by incorporating social and conventional media into their communications strategies. This semester, the pro-Israel campus community will utilize media to reach less involved individuals to make the case for Israel’s right to defend itself and to creatively enhance AIPAC’s profile as an institution that is diverse, pluralistic, inclusive and a force for peace. Student activists will broaden awareness of issues of concern as well as the value of AIPAC to Israel’s security, Middle East stability and the pursuit of a negotiated settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by:

  • Working to engage both progressive and conservative campus opinion leaders in order to emphasize the bipartisan and pluralistic nature of the pro-Israel movement.
  • Establishing a comprehensive social media presence for their AIPAC Campus Cadre on a number of online platforms and using their profiles to post updates from AIPAC training opportunities.
  • Writing op-eds and letters-to-the-editor for campus, local and national media platforms.


C2C: Campus to Congress

During the 2014 electoral cycle, pro-Israel campus activists will work to ensure that pro-Israel congressional candidates receive significant student support in the form of time, talent and treasure.  AIPAC-trained campus activists will broaden the base to include previously uninvolved pro-Israel students in 2014 political activity while ensuring that politically-minded students understand the key issues—including Israel’s right to defend itself—most important to the pro-Israel community.  To maximize their impact on the 2014 election, AIPAC-trained activists will support pro-Israel candidates of their choice by committing to solicit and mobilize a minimum of 500 volunteer hours and raise and deliver $1,000 dollars in a pro-Israel context.  By getting involved in Congressional races, campus activists will interact with key political figures, build important relationships, and help influence policy-makers now and into the future.