AIPAC Campus Initiatives

2014 Spring Campus Initiatives

The following campus initiatives were launched at AIPAC’s 2013 Winter Saban Leadership Seminar:


Student Government Activism: Engagement and Empowerment

Student governments are comprised of some of the most politically-oriented students on campus, and they make decisions affecting the entire student body—including the allocation of funds to student groups and setting parameters for campus conversations. This spring, AIPAC campus activists will maximize their participation in campus civic affairs. They will build relationships with members of their Student Government Associations, solicit position papers from candidates running for student government on issues of concern to the pro-Israel community, volunteer on the campaigns of pro-Israel candidates of their choice, mobilize students to support pro-Israel candidates and run for student government positions themselves. As a result of this initiative, pro-Israel students will have greater influence on campus political discussions as well as forge closer ties with diverse constituencies on campus.

Educating Campus Leaders on Issues of Concern

Building genuine relationships with today’s campus leaders requires that pro-Israel activists become trusted sources of information on the issues affecting the U.S.-Israel alliance. At a time when developments regarding Iran command attention, the peace process generates commentary and the U.S.-Israel relationship is discussed in the classroom, it is more imperative than ever that campus leaders hear from their pro-Israel peers on these salient issues. This spring, AIPAC campus activists will work to educate future political leaders on issues of concern to the pro-Israel community including: the threat posed by an Iranian nuclear capability; the prospect for Middle East peace; and the value to America of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. They will do so by: 

  • Regularly sharing reliable news on issues of importance.
  • Arranging individual meetings with key campus leaders and briefing select constituency groups such as College Democrats and College Republicans.
  • Hosting Campus Leadership Receptions with a member of AIPAC’s professional staff and/or a pro-Israel community activist. 

Broadening the Base for Real Impact

As Middle East issues receive unprecedented attention from political leaders and the media, AIPAC-trained activists are presented with a unique opportunity to broaden the base of the pro-Israel movement. This spring, AIPAC-trained activists will in the following ways seek to engage new constituencies that may be interested in advancing AIPAC’s campus agenda:
  • Sharing reflections on their experiences at AIPAC training opportunities such as Policy Conference, Saban Leadership Training Seminars and student leadership missions to Israel with campus and community newspapers as well as social media outlets.
  • Recruiting Freshmen and Taglit-Birthright Israel returnees through retail engagement and energetic promotion of AIPAC NGauge.
  • Soliciting applications for AIPAC training opportunities—especially Policy Conference and Regional Diamond Summer Internships—from previously uninvolved but politically-oriented pro-Israel students.