Keeping Your Investment Safe

We know you have worked hard to build your assets to provide for your family and to obtain resources to support organizations and causes you believe in.

When we receive your legacy gift, we will care for it responsibly and will strive to have all your wishes for this gift accomplished.

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When You Make a Contribution

  • AIPAC Tomorrow gifts create a perpetual revenue stream to ensure that AIPAC can pursue its work for generations to come. The gifts are professionally managed and securely invested.
  • Once you make your legacy gift, your money will be invested conservatively, under the guidance of our Investment Committee, which includes qualified money management professionals.
  • Once your fund is making annual distributions, five percent of the principal amount of your gift will go toward AIPAC's work.
  • If you specify that your gift should target a certain program or fund, your gift will go directly into the budget of that program.
  • If you direct your contribution to AIPAC, your money can fund the core lobbying and political work of the organization.
  • Your gift will fund important educational programming if you specify to AIPAC's affiliated charitable organization. Please e-mail AIPAC Endowment Director Jodi Kurtis with any further questions.

The AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign is a planned giving and endowment initiative of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC-Tax ID: 53-0217164) and its affiliated charitable organization, the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF- Tax ID 52-1623781).