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Pro-Israel students from across the United States visit Washington, DC, for AIPAC training. They return to campus with the knowledge they need to be effective activists.
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Whether lobbying their representatives in Congress or working with their local student governments, AIPAC-trained activists are strengthening the U.S.-Israel alliance.

Student Government Resolutions Support U.S.-Israel Alliance

On college campuses across the country, AIPAC-trained activists have mobilized broad support for pro-Israel student government resolutions. In doing so, these pro-Israel advocates have helped educate future policymakers and opinion leaders about the value of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

At the University of Oklahoma, the student government recently approved a resolution that recognizes the importance of foreign aid for key American allies such as Israel. The student government president, Franz Zenteno, co-authored the resolution with the help of AIPAC-trained activists on campus.

Several student government representatives at Oklahoma characterized the measure as an acknowledgement of Israel’s strategic value to the United States.

“U.S. foreign aid has provided for economic stability and technological advancements, and has helped maintain a strategic military edge to Israel,” said Erik Baker, a co-author of the resolution. He added that the Jewish state remains “America’s strongest and only democratic ally in the region.”

At Indiana University, student government representatives last month passed a resolution that recognizes the importance of America’s strategic alliance with Israel. The resolution garnered support from a significant majority of student legislators and received enthusiastic endorsements from Indiana University’s student body president and vice president as well as the College Democrats and College Republicans.

Pro-Israel political activists at the Bloomington campus worked tirelessly to ensure the resolution’s success, cultivating strong relationships with campus leaders and mobilizing strong support from a range of student groups. As a result of continuing efforts to educate student senators about the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship, the university’s most influential student leaders rose to support the resolution moments before it passed by a vote of 25-6.

“The Indiana University student body strongly supports Israel and a strong U.S.-Israel relationship,” said Alex Groysman, a student congressman who authored the resolution. “This resolution is the culmination of our combined efforts over the last four months to shape these views into a unified statement of support for the State of Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship.”

Logan Souder, president of Indiana University’s College Democrats, added, “It’s important for students to work with our friends in Israel towards a relationship built on mutual interests and peace and that is why this resolution is so important for IU.”

The president of Indiana University’s College Republicans, Conner Claudill, echoed Souder’s strong support for the resolution. “Israel is an issue which reaches across the aisle of bipartisanship and this resolution passing shows the importance of the topic at IU,” Claudill said. “We have a very pro-Israel campus and it is important that we able to show the country where we stand on the issue.”

Pro-Israel campus activists at the University of Florida also succeeded in passing a resolution in the university’s student government. Approved by a vote of 74-3 in the student Senate, the resolution recognizes the dangers of Iran’s nuclear program and supports the implementation of sanctions on Iran. By partnering with student groups to educate campus leaders about the Iranian nuclear threat, pro-Israel activists gathered overwhelming support for the resolution on campus.

Throughout the spring semester, pro-Israel campus activists across the country will strengthen support for the U.S.-Israel relationship. These students will continue to engage future leaders in order to demonstrate Israel’s value to the United States. BACK TO TOP