About Us
  • Americans from across the country are able to make a difference in the world by investing in AIPAC and pro-Israel advocacy.
  • AIPAC empowers pro-Israel activists across all ages, religions and races to be politically engaged and build relationships with members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to promote the U.S.-Israel relationship.
  • AIPAC's comprehensive news feed is updated daily with articles, memos and feature stories.
  • The AIPAC Policy Conference is the largest gathering of the pro-Israel movement. Thousands of participants come from all 50 states to take part in "three of the most important days affecting Israel's future."
  • Israel is a world leader in technology research and development. Watch a video to learn more about how America benefits from Israeli innovations.
  • A real, lasting peace has escaped Israel for the past six decades. But with the support of its ally the United States, the Jewish state remains determined and hopeful to reach an agreement with all its neighbors.
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Legislation and Issues
  • House and Senate members are signing bipartisan letters to the president expressing their concerns about Iran's nuclear weapons program and the need for congressional engagement in the negotiations.
  • Lawmakers have introduced legislation that seeks to dramatically strengthen the strategic partnership between the United States and Israel.
  • President Obama has requested $3.1 billion in security assistance for Israel as part of his budget for fiscal year 2014. The president has also requested $220.3 million in additional funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system.
  • The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 (S. 1881), authored by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), aims to strengthen American diplomatic efforts to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capability.
  • Time and again the Jewish state has demonstrated its willingness to make tough sacrifices for peace...
  • AIPAC has a variety of resources available to help you and your office keep up-to-date regarding the latest news and analysis of the Middle East and the U.S.-Israel relationship.
  • Learn about why American security aid to Israel is vital to helping keep the Jewish state safe, strong and secure.
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The AIPAC National Summit honors those who generously contribute $3,600 or more to AIPAC annually.